Before ordering a kids’ playpen, you need to consider where you need to use the kids’ playpen. The traditional baby playpen is square or rectangular, and the designed pad is more suitable for home use. If you want to use the kids’ playpen in the garden, by the pool or other open air, you need a thicker liner to prevent your baby from falling and hurting. The size and design of kids’ playpens vary greatly. Some baby playpens are designed specifically for beds, so they do not have an integrated floor, but a detachable fence on four sides. Some baby playpens are only the size of a crib. More baby playpens have a wide range and can accommodate babies in them to practice crawling. The baby playpen that can be extended with additional pads is bigger. You need to decide the size of the baby playpen according to the size of the place reserved for the baby playpen. The safety and sturdiness of the baby playpen is also very important. After all, you don’t want to see the baby playpen collapse after only a few uses, or the child stepped on the baby playpen to run around the room. Today, there are many rigid fences made of metal pipes and meshes, which are much stronger than baby playpens made of simple meshes and hoses. And the baby playpen with the openable door allows the baby to get in and out easily. You also need to consider the extra features of the baby playpen, such as whether there is a crib, an area for supplementary food, additional lights or music, other game accessories, and storage space for baby products.

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