Children are the most wonderful blessings in life, but you have to admit, they were never angels. It’s only natural for toddlers to test your patience often, as they’re still developing their behavior and discovering what’s right and wrong (on top of their inexhaustible energy reserves).

When you’re at a loss for your child, follow these tips to be patient with your toddler:

level with your child

In this case, you have to stop thinking like an adult! Often, especially with younger children, their troublesome behavior is not intentional. It mostly stems from depression or naivety. That’s why when they behave “badly”, use it as a teaching moment – say what you need to say, ask questions, and move on. Be extra patient and know that if they can’t communicate what they want correctly, they’ll take action. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their level.

offer choice

No one wants to be told what to do all day, not even kids. Saying “no” to almost everything is naturally frustrating for them. When they ask for something and you don’t allow it, give them another option. For example, if your child asks for a lollipop at bedtime, you can politely explain why she can’t have a lollipop and then offer her a glass of milk. That way, she doesn’t feel like she can’t do anything, or nothing at all.

observe your own behavior

Children watch you and understand your behavior more than you know. If you whine a lot, complain when there’s nothing good on the TV, raise your voice when you’re upset, or don’t finish everything on your plate at mealtime? Don’t expect perfect behavior from your child when you exhibit some bad habits yourself. Always be careful what you say and do around your children because you are their role model!

go with the flow

One of the best parenting advice you can get – don’t sweat the little things. If they spill paint on the floor, play with your lipstick, or make other mistakes, it’s really not worth your time and effort if you get mad and scold your child. Correct the error and keep it the same. In short, let the kids be kids!

If kids don’t annoy their parents, their childhood won’t be maximized! Just follow these effective tips and be patient with toddlers!

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