It’s important to clean and wash baby quilts because they get a lot of use from newborns. Babies tend to mess up their eating habits and dirty diapers. Many times, that precious blanket happens to get dirty and needs to be cleaned. Here are 9 suggestions:

  1. You can hand or machine wash the quilts in cold water on a gentle cycle as they are made from 100% baby cotton flannel or 100% cotton.
  2. Just like you do all other clothes for your newborn baby, use a mild baby detergent so you don’t damage the fibers. When washing anything intended for babies, read the packaging carefully, especially those with sensitive skin.
  3. If it is necessary to pretreat unwanted stains, rub lightly over the stain, then hand wash on a gentle cycle or machine wash in cold water
  4. Custom baby blankets are keepsakes, so try to wash them sparingly. The new fabrics on the market today, indeed, are more durable than in years past, but with repeated washing, the color will eventually fade.
  5. To remove excess water after rinsing, press down on the comforter with the palm of your hand. Do not wring out. Over time, twisting the quilt can leave lines and break.
  6. If the machine is dry, use low heat until most of the moisture is removed, then air dry.
  7. When laying the quilt flat to dry, use a non-porous surface. Make sure the surface is also clean and free of anything that could poke holes or damage the material.
  8. Do not dry clean. This process can damage the fabric. This process uses harmful chemicals. Babies also shouldn’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals, so it’s best to use a mild cleanser recommended for them.
  9. Finally, keep brightly colored quilts out of the sun. If you don’t use baby quilts, store them in a closet, under a crib, or in a dresser. Blankets that are used as wall decoration and hung on the wall will fade over time. After storage, periodically remove and refold the quilt so that permanent lines and creases are not visible over time.

All babies need a soft place to lie down and a place to roll over for the first time and at all times thereafter. Make sure you follow these 9 cleaning and washing recommendations.

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