advertising on the sun panel,

  • printing process
  • reliability.

It is made of three layers, double-sided paper coated with white clay, acrylic inside, flat surface, easy to paste printing.Technology is changing so fast now that even something plain or textured doesn’t matter because the ink is applied as a spray with no problem The printing head is damaged.

There are several ways to create an ad”Direct UV printing on sunny panels” andPrint Vinyl and Paste on Sunny Sheets”, Solvent Ink Printer and Vinyl Eco Solvent Ink Printer.

For branding within corporate and SME offices based on company logos and brand colors, keep in mind that the first thing to remember is that the design is formatted in CYMK format or JPEG according to the color combination guidelines, primary color material is white, commercially available thickness and Sizes range from 2mm to 10mm, single piece sizes are 6’x4′, 8’x4′, 6’x12′ standard. It prints in the following options.

1. Flatbed printer

2. Roll Printer

Flatbed printer: During this process, the entire solar panel sheet is tightly fixed in the flatbed rack with clips, and through the flatbed printer that comes with the computer, the design print application is applied to the printer, via mobile print head Printed with permanent ink instead of UV ink soluble In water, so no water pollution, no lamination required for color safety, but you can laminate if you need a glossy or matte finish. The largest size can print 8fit x 8fit in a single piece. The cost per square foot is higher than solvent printing and eco-solvent. And you can get the handprint in a short time. It is completely fade resistant and age lasting.

Roll printers: I). Solvent Printing; First, the artwork printed on adhesive vinyl is prepared and laminated for color and environmental safety, as the ink used is water soluble. Then glue the printed vinyl on it, ready to advertise on the sun panel, up to 10ft .x any suitable size. Size This process is longer than flatbed UV printing.

Roll printers: II). Eco-friendly solvent printing; In this web printer, the ink and printer have been changed, the eco-solvent printer and ink have been changed to Eco-solvent ink Maximum printable size 5ft x any ft length, advertisements on sunny boards can be printed with adhesive vinyl and then pasted on, no lamination is required as the ink used is not water soluble. Printed vinyl stickers thereafter. So if the desired size is larger than the print size can stick in the part, it can be advertised.

Overall branding is recommended best indoors, but you can also use it outdoors if you use printability on water and fade resistance.

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