It is really sad that reborn artist Albie Wentzel will be hanging up her brushes at the end of the year.

Her talent will be missed.

The babies she creates are sensational. Super realistic.

Albie wentzel

Her talent was not just in the painting of her babies, but also in the hours of work and dedication that she spent on her babies.

Every detail was thought of.

From the hair position to the outfit and accessories her babies arrived home with.

Albie Wentzel

Albies babies have always been forever babies, so it is going to be a loss for us all when she is no longer creating her art.

It must have taken her many years to perfect her craft, but perfect it she did.

One day still I hold out hope that I will be able to own one of her babies.

I just know that it will be amazing kn advance.

Albie Wentzel

So if you have managed to own one of Albies babies you are so lucky.

Just know Albie that you touched the lives of more people than you know.

It will not just be the babies we miss but also you.

You kindness, warmth, humour and caring.

We will always be here if you ever need us.

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