Super artist Jorge Aguilar must really have magical hands.

George Aguilar

It’s fair to call Jorge an artist because that’s what he made, art.

The detail and care he puts into his work is amazing.

I can’t even imagine the patience and focus he required to make and perfect each piece.

George Aguilar

In every piece Jorge makes, you can see the quality of the materials used.

Not only do these outfits look amazing, but they’re also fun pieces.

Jorge creates a wide variety of products including stunning gowns, versatile pajamas, convenient jumpsuits, sophisticated booties and hats, and stunning rattles.

George Aguilar

This year, you’ll see more Jorges products during the doll show, because anyone will want to wear them for their baby.

I truly believe his gown will fit a royal baby.

There are several that you can buy your own Jorges Design.

George Aguilar

The easiest is to find the seller through .
My design Jorge.

But you have to hurry, Jorges’ designs aren’t going to stay on sale for long.

Does everyone need a little Jorge in their life?

Lovely outfits at very reasonable prices.

Don’t hang out.

Now look at the clothing.

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