There is no greater blessing than a newborn baby! Whether you and your spouse already have a small child or are expecting your first child, today’s technology provides the extra help parents need to care for their little angel.

In the new age of technology, parents buy products and play lullabies through their digital devices. Parenting is now easier than ever, even with your phone or iPad. Hundreds of apps are available to use on the go or at home – all designed to make life easier for parents! When you’re out and about, you’ll find everything from lullabies to the nearest baby changing place.

This article will focus on apps that tackle everyone’s favorite topic: helping babies sleep! While there is no single app that will help your baby sleep through the night or nap on a regular schedule, parents will find that these apps can help you manage getting your child to sleep!

baby snooze

For a newborn, nothing is more relaxing than the sounds they hear in the womb.This app will help your newborn baby feel at home by recreating the calming noise of a mother’s steady heartbeat. (iPhone)

Best Lullaby Collection Free – Best lullabies for kids from around the world

When your baby can’t sleep, nothing beats the tried and true tradition of lullabies! The lullabies in this free app will soothe your little angel to sleep. Parents can set time intervals or have it sing until baby falls asleep. 16 soothing lullabies including: (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

baby lullabies

Lullabies are an old tradition and now it has a new age twist through the use of an app! This lullaby app offers a preset timer, and the selected song is sure to calm down your child and let your child fall asleep peacefully. (Android)

baby shuther

Every parent at some point spends hours putting their baby to sleep. If you are one of these parents, this app is exactly what the doctor asked for! When the baby’s cry is loud, the “hush” increases; when the baby’s cry becomes softer, the “hush” subsides. It automatically adjusts to your baby’s crying level, stimulating your baby’s natural calming reflex. Parents, grandparents and caregivers can even record their own gentle boos!(iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android)

Zodin complex

This company offers a wide variety of lullabies, music box sounds and other free relaxing sounds. Some of their baby apps include: Good Night Lullaby for Baby, Baby Sleep Lullaby Music Box, Lullabies Relax & Slumber, Water Sounds & Nature Sounds, and more. (Android)

sleepy sound

This little app has it all: white noise, lullabies, sounds of nature, calming night lights, and you can record your own music and sounds.(iPhone, Android)

baby sleep pillow

Playing on ABC, CBS, and several radio stations, this small collection of sleep sound kits in four categories includes: Lullabies, Melodies, Nature, Human Voices, and more. (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

baby sleep moment

Parents have long found that low, monotonous sounds like showers, washing machines, oceans, fans, and similar sounds are effective in helping babies fall asleep. This app contains common home sounds, heartbeats, music box sounds, ocean and water sounds and more. Parents can choose sounds and set timers.(Android)

Baby Monitor 3G

While this particular app isn’t designed to help little kids fall asleep, this app is meant to be used while babies sleep! While several different monitoring apps are available, Baby Monitor 3G has unlimited coverage, works on any network, including WIFI, 3G, Edge, and CDMA, and works on any IOS device. The app requires two devices: one in your small room and one next to your parents, grandparents, babysitter or babysitter. Parents can also talk to their baby in another room with the simple push of a button, take photos remotely, watch live video to check on your baby – parents will hear every noise the Baby Voice Booster makes. Since we all take our phones with us when we travel, usually a laptop or iPad, it’s perfect for visiting family and friends! (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android)

No matter what app you use to help your little angel find restful sleep, we recommend that you don’t place the device too close to your baby. Our last tip: If using your phone, put it in airplane mode to silence any alarms while the app is in use!

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