This years Kansas Doll Show was amazing.

There was so much variety in the dolls available that there was without a doubt something for everyone.

Kansas doll show 2018

From small babies to larger, rooted hair, painted hair and bald babies.

Fantasy babies, ethnic babies and caucasion babies.

Silicone and vinyl babies.

The list goes on and on.

Kansas doll show 2018

I think it was entirely possible to fall in love with a new type of doll from this show.

Plenty of us have one type of reborn that we tend to go for, but with the amount of different babies on offer would give people that had not seen other types in person before the chance to see them.

Sometimes this is all you will need.

I know that for me at times seeing a baby in person can change my view on them.

So variety is one of the best things about this show.

Have you seen a baby at the show that you would not have thought about before?

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