The Benni Awake by Ulrike Gall sculpt is now available to buy.

This little baby has huge eyes that I just love.

The current full price for this Benni is $65.00.

When completed a baby reborn from the Benni kit measures roughly 13 inches.

Such a tiny sweet heart.

Of course she is a tiny baby.

Clothing for this little one may not be easy to find.

Benni Awake by Ulrike Gall

Benni has 3/4 limbs, which will make finding clothing that she can wear more tricky.

This sculpt will require 12mm eyes.

The eyes for me make this kit as they are so big and doeful.

Benni Awake by Ulrike Gall

A soft cloth body is required for this kit which can be added separately.

The kit has been produced using Real skin vinyl.

If you like Benni and want to own your own, use the link below.

To buy your own Benni, click here

Benni Awake by Ulrike Gall

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