There’s nothing happier than reading a great story to your toddler. After talking to the parents of toddlers, sitting in the library to see what parents are reading to their toddlers and researching the best books for toddlers – I’ve compiled a list of books that you should give to all the lovely The best stories for kids to read for girls and boys. I hope you enjoy their toddlers (and parents).

Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathman

A funny story about a zookeeper putting zoo animals to bed. However, as he goes around to say goodnight to them, a mischievous gorilla takes his keys and starts to cause some trouble. Good Night Gorilla is a very entertaining book that will thoroughly entertain toddlers and parents. It has 34 pages of beautiful and vivid pictures. An absolute must read for any cheeky monkey.

share!Anthea Simmons and George Burkett

A little girl has a younger sibling who she doesn’t want to share. Over time, her mom told her more and more that she learned the importance of sharing and started to enjoy it. A lovely way to promote sharing among siblings and turn it into something they want to do. Especially the ending is very sweet and touching. Recommended for young children with younger siblings.

Animal babies!Author: Pokémon

This accessible book introduces young children to different critters while letting them feel the different textures of hair. Each animal has a rhyme that describes how their skin/fur feels. Great fun and sure to be a hit with your youngsters.

Anna Walker’s Funny Face

Anna Walker is one of the best early childhood writers, and this book is a great example of that. Humans are able to express their feelings through their facial expressions, and “funny faces” are great for encouraging kids, or even yourself, to make different faces of each other to express emotions and expressions. Each page shows a different emotion, make your child laugh and try different facial expressions, from happy to sad, scared to impressed. Fun for toddlers and parents.

Dear Zoo Noisy Book Rod Campbell

Thirty years after this book was first published, it’s still one of the most recommended books for parents and can’t miss this best book for young children. A young child wanted a pet and wrote to the zoo asking them to send one, which they did, but each had problems until they delivered the perfect pet. This interactive book lets your child pull the flaps, look behind the crate, and even make animal sounds at the push of a button. Another book that will provide a lot of entertainment for readers and children.

Ladybug’s Glitter Lullaby Book

A famous lullaby book with shapes and pictures around, and ask your child if they can see the small picture within the larger picture. It also has interesting pictures associated with specific lullabies and has different materials and textures to feel.

ten little babies by karen katz

A story of babies who all play and have fun and bounce around until they go to bed. It followed the children together one by one until all ten of them were ready to say goodnight.

Usborne’s first number

This first number book teaches your child to count to five and back. It does this using vivid pictures and introduces animals they may not have encountered. The book is well made and should last a long time, which is great because kids love looking at beautiful and engaging pictures.

Opposite Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

This book uses very popular characters from The Gruffalo stories to show and teach opposites to children. Many animals of different shapes and sizes show these differences through their speed, size, expression and height. A great way to introduce your child to The Gruffalo books and that we are all unique. Highly recommended to teach your kids some very important things about the world.

new baby waiting

Waiting For Baby is a great way to generate excitement in anticipation of the arrival of a new family member. It follows a young boy as he and his family prepare for a newborn. This encourages questioning and helps keep your child involved in all things new in the family, such as an ultrasound, feeling a baby kick, helping choose clothes, decorating the baby’s room, attending doctor’s appointments, and finally waiting for mom, Dad and baby come back from the hospital.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carr

A timeless tale of the evolution of caterpillars starting from eggs on leaves. It wakes up and immediately starts foraging, eating everything it sees until he gets a stomach ache from being too greedy. He started to feel better, then cocooned into a magnificent butterfly. A great way to show your child where butterflies originally came from.

“Bathtime” by Ant Parker

It’s Bathtime by Any Parker is a great fun book to help your child get ready for a bath, allowing them to put together all the things they need, such as towels, bubble baths and toys. A great way to bring some fun into an important part of your child’s daily life.

Emma Dodd’s Best Bears

Best Bear is an adorable tale of a boy and his favorite bear told through delightful rhymes at bedtime. This is a soothing nocturnal story about how his best friend “Bear” protects him from the darkness and helps him be brave before bed. It’s the perfect way to allay some kids’ fears of the dark.

Moo, baa, la la la!Sandra Boynton

This book of poems is a lot of fun and allows you and your kids to replicate the sounds of animals while listening to the story, which is great fun for kids. Moo, Baa, La La La Teach your child to associate certain noises with specific animals.

Where is the stock?Eric Hill

No book on the best book for toddlers is complete without a book featuring Spot, the adorable puppy. The flip-open book follows Spots Mummy Sally in his search for him, but encounters many other animals before finding her puppy. Discovering animals hidden behind objects in Spots house is a lot of fun and a fun way for your kids to guess who Sally will find next!

This list of the best books for toddlers contains just a few great books for your parents, and they’re all thoroughly recommended. Some will provide you and your child with hilarious laughter, while others will provide you with great teaching tools. No matter which book you decide to read your lovely toddler next – I hope you both discover the vast world of children’s books together, if you or your child have any particular favorites not mentioned in this list , please contact us.

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