Let’s be honest, it’s often difficult for renters and kids to install blinds. But these are not the only cases. Blinds in high-traffic areas are often subject to a lot of abuse, so what are your best options for blinds in those high-traffic areas, as well as rental units or children’s playrooms?

Here are some recommended blinds for high-traffic areas, and some recommended to avoid in these areas:

Here are the DO’s:

*Vinyl Roller Blinds – Vinyl roller blinds are excellent blinds for high-traffic areas, but be sure to use clutch-operated blinds as they are much better than spring roller blind versions. They are easy to care for and easy to clean, making them perfect for a kids room or rental property. Just use a little mild detergent on a rag and wipe clean and it will look like new.

*Sun Control Shades – These are almost the same as vinyl roller blinds, but are more expensive. They cost more because you can see through them so basically the price is a bit higher, but being able to see your field of view when the shadows are down is well worth it, that is, if you have one it’s worth a look ‘s vision.

* 2″ Vinyl Blinds – These blinds are ideal for high traffic areas because the slats are made from flexible vinyl and the ladder cords are woven from polyester so they can withstand most abuse. However, for 2″ With vinyl shutters, you have a choice of numbered styles and designs. It’s important to remember that smooth vinyl shutters are easier to clean than embossed or textured vinyl shutters.

* 2″ Faux Wood Blinds – These Clean Uprights are like 2″ Vinyl Blinds but with a better quality look. So these are great for a kids’ room where you still want to look nice and upscale, but want durability and the ability to withstand the typical abuse that children blind can suffer.

100% PVC Vertical Blinds – These are very durable, but again, you want to choose easy-to-clean styles, such as smooth vertical blinds, as they are easier to clean than embossed PVC vertical blinds and are both wear-resistant and clean.

Here are the caveats:

*Aluminum Mini Shutters – Metal slats, although spring tempered, will bend when pushed too far. They can also be a little difficult to dust off. So it’s a terrible choice for kids’ rooms as they can bend and break very quickly.

*Pure Vertical – This one doesn’t need much explanation. Any stained curtain or tulle-type fabric means the entire window treatment needs to be taken down and professionally cleaned, making this a poor choice for high-traffic areas.

* Solid Wood Vertical Products – One of the prettiest products you can put on a window or door, but not the best in areas that might get hit. The price of replacing the slats adds up really quickly, why pay so much for something that shouldn’t be taken seriously?

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