Bobbi Barfoot, owner of Barfoot Babies and Truborns is giving you all an amazing chance to win one of her stunning babies in this reborn baby competition.

Taking to social media, Bobbi explained the details of this new raffle.

“1 in 15 chance of winning a completed reborn baby!!! Tickets are $100 and you either get a blank kit worth $100 or you win one of my completed babies!!!!! Everybody wins something!”

“ONLY 15 people can participate in this so one person will be winning a $700 baby for only $100!!”


“Baby won will be one of the 2 pictured below!!”

“Both are GORGEOUS!!!”

“TICKET SALES START NOW and end when they are sold out!”

reborn baby competition

reborn baby competition

Now I say raffle, but as everyone wins something I am unsure if raffle is the right word.

This two babies are really amazing.

Bobbi’s paintwork is one of the best I have seen and you would not be disappointed.

With so much time and care gone into each baby, you will love what ever you win.

Get your tickets fast, before they sell out.

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