The Charlie by BETTY MOREL sculpt.

Charlie by Betty Morel

What a stunning sculpt!

This kit is clearly going to make the most amazing little baby boy.

The kit is a really nice length, measuring 19-20 inches when completed.

This kit actually has mixed limbs lengths with arms being 3/4 and legs being a really amazing full length.

This will make it possible to do the nappy photos that people like to do, whilst maintaining the baby’s realisim.

Being an open eyed kit you will need to purchase 20mm sized eyes.

Charlie by Betty Morel

If you purchase this kit it will include the Head, arms , legs, and numbered COA

If you do love this little chap ( let’s face it who wouldn’t?) You will need to act fast.

With an extremely limited edition of only 100 kits available, there is no doubt that it will sell out very fast.

Charlie by Betty Morel

The full price for this kit is currently $89.99.

So if you want to welcome this baby into your heart and home do not wait around to purchase your kit.

Wearing a newborn sized clothing he will not be able to help looking completely adorable.

To buy your own Charlie from Truborn please click here.

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