What better way to welcome a whole new fellow human being to the world than with the vibes of beautiful and fleeting classical music? Numerous studies have proven time and time again that classical music provides the calmest environment of all — not just in the workplace or school, but in homes and nurseries across the country. Of course, the strangeness of this phenomenon lies in the cause.

From the soft slow melodies of a violin solo to the cheerful rhythms of a simple string quartet, the human heart naturally beats in rhythmic harmony with every note, pause, and vibrato of this musical genre. For newborns, these classical rhythms simulate the beats of the mother’s and father’s hearts, while the stringed synths simulate the partnership between mother and father — intimacy — effectively validating the music’s youngest Birth of an audience.

On the one hand, classical music is a manifestation of mathematics—a series of numbers arranged in such a way that, through prediction and repetition, the physics of our environment are manipulated into a comforting state. With regular use, it eventually creates a sense of familiarity in the environment with calm and effective trust. Classical music, on the other hand, is a playful, playful and creative choreography of melodies—a playground that captures the imagination of newborns, allowing them to flow from ethereal experiences of the past to the physical sights and sounds of the new world.

With these factors in mind, it’s hard to dispute the hospitable vibe of classical music. Equally difficult to discuss is its impact on newborns—nature’s most precious gift—innately receptive to an extension of appreciation and acceptance that only this music can provide.

Firstwhispers CDs know how difficult it is to make this argument. That’s why this company records high-quality classical music onto discs designed to enrich the life and soul of a newborn baby.

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