On a normal day I really love this hobby.

But there is something that I have been thinking about for a little while.


In fact it has been on my mind due to my own concerns recently.

This hobby is one that I have really enjoyed being part of.

But recently I have been finding it harder to make time out of the day to be with the babies.

Now I still love shopping for babies and looking at new babies I am just not feeling as stong a bond with the babies as I have done in the past.

Now I am hoping that it is just a phase I am going through and that in time I will find my way back in to it fully and fall in love with the babies as much as they deserve.

The babies I have are more display at the moment and I am hoping that it will change soon.

I find making videos hard and also writing about it hard at the moment.

But I think that I would find my way back to it at some point. I’m not going to just put them away for now.

Instead I am going to keep trying. I am going to try to make videos and try to keep writing and finding happiness within the hobby where I can.

So it got me wondering if any of you have also had the same type of problems.

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