There can be many reasons why a couple may wish to choose the gender of their baby.

There may be reasons related to the underlying health of the newborn, depending on the gender, or that they want a small family and just want a boy and girl.

Possibly, as in my case, you might already have a boy-only tribe and want a little girl to complete your family. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make sure you’re very happy with your newborn, whether or not you’re getting the sex you’re after.

There are many different techniques and various theories to select the sex of a baby, one of which is the effect of caffeine on pregnant boys.

Now I must first stress that the caffeine theory when trying to choose the sex of the baby is for the father – coffee or other high caffeinated beverages are not recommended for women as this hinders female fertility.

Even drinking just one or two cups a day has been reported to reduce your chances of conceiving by 10%.

To conceive a baby boy, the egg must be fertilized by the “Y” chromosome, which is faster and more active than the “X” or girl chromosome. Although a father drinking caffeine before sex will speed up both types of sperm, it will give the boy’s sperm a bragging and a better chance of reaching the egg, since they usually tire quickly and don’t distance themselves.

Research also shows that caffeine actually increases the rate at which men produce sperm, but not women.

To apply this theory, fathers should drink a few cups of strong coffee 15-30 minutes before sex. If coffee is not your thing, other forms of caffeine, such as strong black tea, are fine.

Remember, long-term use of high-caffeine foods or beverages is not recommended.

This is just a little theory on how to choose your baby’s gender, and while no natural technique can guarantee your chosen gender, it is possible to increase your chances of naturally planning your baby’s gender and have up to a 90% chance of having your chosen gender.

good luck!

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