As many of you know I have been having some time away from my reborn babies recently.

But for Easter I felt that I would want to spend a little time with them.

Now normally when I spend any time with the reborn babies I will take pictures or make videos.

Reborn babies

But this time I wanted it to just be a private thing.

I was wanting to see if I could reconnect with my babies.

If I am honest I did enjoy it.

So I made the decision to give it one more go.

This means that I am going to try and get into this hobby as much as I was before.

To see more of what happens in my nursery, head over to our . group.

Our ﹰLife ﹰWith ﹰReborns . Group

To hear all the news of my reborn nursery, you can read my reborn blogs.

This should be updated even on days I can’t do videos.

My Reborn Blog

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