It is always an exciting time when expecting a new reborn baby into the nursery.

Reborn baby

My nursery is starting to look bare so it will be good to start filling out the room alittle more.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be happy with how my nursery is.

One minute I want only a few babies that I can dedicate my time to and then I change my mind and I want more babies, a whole room full if I could.

Maybe I am just undecisive.

I will not reveal too many details about this baby.

Reborn baby

However I can reveal the artist.

My new baby will be coming from the skillful hands of Gemini Reborn Nursery.

So far I have two babies in my nursery from Richell and I can not even begin to explain how awesome they are.

It could well be about a month before my baby makes the long journey home all the way from US to northern Sweden.

This baby I am hoping will be able to help relight my love for reborns even more.

We have already picked out a name for this baby and will be doing a name reveal as soon as the box opening is complete.

This cute baby I am getting will of course be shown on my . group and Instagram.

It will be a long countdown until the baby gets here and until that time I will be planning and preparing the nursery and babies that I already have for a new addition.

It is always great when my little reborn family can grow.

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