I have decided that in the New Year I am going to be doing my first question and answer that is just me.

Normally all the Q and A’s that I have been part of have been with my daughter, but for this year I decided that I would do one by myself for my own channel.

question and answer

For those of you that do not follow my Youtube channel I will also be writing all the questions and answers out in full in an article.

I am a mix of nervous and excitement on this as I an unsure what sort of questions I will be asked.

So if you have any questions for me, please try not to ask anything too personal, but you can ask me anything about the reborns, my children, Sweden, places I have lived, hobbies, my pets or anything else random that you can think of.

question and answer

So ask away.

I will post the article on here as soon as it is all complete, I will also include in the article the video showing the questions being answered, that way no one needs to feel that they are missing anything.

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