There are several tests and strategies based on scientific theory that can be used to predict baby gender:

• Baby heart rate test
• Shettles method
• Fertility Awareness Act

Predicting Newborn Gender – Baby Heart Rate Test – This semi-scientific method/myth for estimating a baby’s gender is common and risk-free. Basically, if your doctor tells you that your baby’s heart rate is high (over 140-160 beats per minute), you may be pregnant with a girl. If your baby’s heart rate is below 140 beats per minute, you may have a boy.

Please note: Scientific studies have failed to demonstrate any correlation between guessing a baby’s gender and heart rate.

Predicting Baby Gender – Shettles Method – Men who regularly participate in athletics or wear tight underwear are said to facilitate guessing baby gender due to scrotal temperature. The semen temperature can become too high, considering that exercise and tight underwear can shrink the scrotum. High temperatures can kill chromosomes in boys or girls, according to the Shettles technique used to estimate the sex of a baby. But keep in mind that heat kills the less protected, smaller Y chromosome faster, which means you’re more likely to have a girl.

Predicting Infant Gender – A Fertility Awareness Approach – A sex selection strategy to guess the sex of a newborn uses the timing of sexual intercourse and ovulation. Strategies for predicting the sex of a baby also rely heavily on the different properties of sperm (X and Y chromosomes). These concepts for estimating a baby’s gender are the foundation of a fertility awareness approach. An amazing book by Toni Weschler called “Mastering Your Fertility” teaches the concept of a fertility awareness approach.

“Fertility Awareness is an extraordinary system of knowledge that uses your two basic signs of fertility – waking temperature and cervical fluid – to measure exactly when you are ovulating. These key pieces of information are your window into your cycle, allowing you to Achieve effective natural birth control or pregnancy, and inspire you to understand the mysteries of menstruation throughout your life. Indeed, map your cycle with FAM [Fertility Awareness Method] Among other things, you will be shown:

• The difference between a perfectly normal periodic cervical discharge and a true vaginal infection.
• Estimated time of your next period.
• Are you ovulating.
• Are you pregnant.
• Your real deadline, if you really are!

It’s unfortunate that the Fertility Awareness method is even called a method because, in fact, it should be considered a basic life skill that all women should learn, just as they are now taught basic feminine hygiene. This is because the practical knowledge women gather from their cycles will help them from adolescence to menopause, and all life stages in between” (quoted by Toni Weschler).

Taking Control of Your Fertility is a great book that encourages women to understand their fertility cycles and take control of predicting the gender of their babies. So women are more comfortable with their bodies and know when something isn’t right because they know what should be right. For example, bankers don’t know what each counterfeit bill looks and feels like. There are several to learn and they are constantly changing. Instead, bankers know the look and feel of real banknotes, so they can quickly pick out replicas. Likewise, ladies must take the time to understand what is normal in their bodies. Due to this fact, abnormal symptoms may be easily identified.

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