Suzy G Reborn Nursery, a teenagers view on reborns.

Suzy g reborn nursery, a teenagers view on reborns

I wanted to do some guest blogs.

The first I decided to do was with Reborn Youtuber Suzy G.

She has been on Youtube now for about 4 years and currently has around 2.5k subscibers.

I am going to do this in a question and answer type thing and also attach a video about this interview.

This should be fun.


Question one.

What first made you love reborns?

” I first loved reborns as I wanted to feel loved and wanted, I felt reborns could help with that. Also I always wanted my parents to have another baby that I could help with.”

Question two.
Tell me about your first reborn?

” My first reborn was Olivia, although not technically a reborn, she was what at the time I considered a reborn. She was an Aston Drake Baby.”

Question three.
Do you have a favourite reborn?

” It’s hard to say a favourite as such, but if I did choose I think I would say Bethany. She is the Genivieve kit and has been painted so beautifully.
Of course I have to also say Aurora. She was my first toddler and I really love her. She is special to me”

Question four.
What has been the best thing about reborns?

“So far the best thing for me has been the community. It has been great to be part of something like this. Also of course the shopping.”

Question five.
Has anything made you angry and disappointed about the hobby?

” I would have to say the way that most people do not get this hobby”

Question six.
How many of your friends know about the babies?

” I have moved around so much that it’s hard to say.
I think at each of my schools about 5 people have known.”

Question seven.
How have you juggled time on Youtube with being a normal teenager?

” I don’t think very well. I haven’t spent any real time with the reborns for ages. I am out a lot at the moment so it’s not so easy”

Question eight.
Do you think you will continue with your channel and reborns for a while?

” I would like to think that I will and that I will be able to become fully involved in it again soon.”

Question nine.
What does a normal day look like for you with your reborns?

” Well I get up, get dressed and then just hang out with the babies in the nursery really, taking selfies and dressing them.”

To see Suzy’s videos and subscribe to her channel then use this link here.
Suzy G Reborn Nursery

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