When I first started in this hobby I could never have imagined giving up any of the reborn babies that I may have been lucky enough to own.

But four years on I look back over all the babies that are no longer part of my nursery.


There have been many reasons over the years as to why a baby has left my house, most can be traced back in one way or another to a financial reason.

The very first baby that I ever sold was Tyler.

He was the benjamin kit, with Tyler it was more that I couldn’t really feel a bond. He was sweet sure but something was just missing.

In fact his new mummy got him at a complete bargin price of £35 or around $50.

Another baby that left my collection was Emily.

I made the decision to sell her because even though she was part of my twins she was just too similar to the other.

There was nothing different about them at all. They were really identical.

Then I did some giveaway reborn babies.

I gave a subscriber on my Youtube channel a baby for being so supportive.

Then I did some competitions with the Youtube channels and various people won dolls.

One lucky lady even won a toddler.

Then my family hit some hard times and I had to start trying to sell off loads of my babies to help out.

During this time round 8 babies left my nursery.

This has been a hard thing to deal with.

It is one thing losing one or two a year but eight in a few months thats hard and it makes my nursery feel quite empty.

I do hope to be able to rebuild my collection at some point, I have to wait of course until I get some more money to enable me to do that.

But one day I hope to have a large nursery full of babies.

What do you think, should I stop selling now or giving away my babies?

A lot of the time I do not feel I get much back from this hobby or community which makes me wonder.

I don’t know, it’s a tough one to decide.

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