When we buy reborns we are looking to bond with that baby as soon as we see it.


But what happens if when you open your baby it is not every thing you hoped for.

Not what you thought it would be.

Would you be upset and put the baby away again?

Would you return the baby to the artist and ask them to fix it?


Would you try to sell it and see if someone else falls in love with the baby?

Or would you keep the baby and try to bond with it.

So many options open to you really.

It’s a funny thing really isn’t it, we know they are dolls yet we still bond in a way that we can not really explain.

I have had a couple of babies down the years that I haven’t instantly loved when I saw them.

But it’s all part of learning in this hobby isn’t it.

When it is hard is when the baby isn’t what you saw in the pictures.

When you get scammed.

But that is for a whole different article.

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