If you plan to display your banner indoors, using fabric banners for your business marketing and events is a great way to go. There are many reasons to choose fabric over vinyl banners.First, if you have your fabric Banner printing completed A reputable company, you should get a 3-5 year guarantee that it won’t fade. Second, it allows for very vibrant colors while vinyl is fairly limited. Finally, printed fabrics are available in a variety of sizes—even custom sizes—to suit your business needs.

Effective design is half the battle

If you decide to design your own fabric banner, there are some very important factors to keep in mind before delivering the final copy for printing. Next, you’ll find a checklist that you can use to make sure your designs are flawless!

  • Decide on the banner material before creating the design. Make sure to choose the material that best conveys your message. You can print on satin, polyester or tri-poplin. The fabrics also come in different weights. Generally speaking, the heavier the better. Lighter fabrics will wear out faster, but polyester duck down fabrics are lightweight and durable.
  • When designing fabric banners, keep the message range simple. Limiting the number of words in a message makes the message stronger. Adding too many words or too much information can confuse the prospect or participant you are trying to reach. Be precise and focused.
  • The fonts you use are critical to the effectiveness of your banner display. Fonts must be simple and easy to read. While you may be attracted to fancier fonts, remember that the truth is that if people can’t read your logo, it won’t inform or motivate them to take action. Also, your font should be large enough to be read from a distance.
  • Do you already have a logo or brand identity? If so, carry it over into your banner design to be consistent and reinforce the visual appearance of your brand so that it is instantly recognizable by customers. This rule goes beyond fabric banner printing and applies to any online or paper advertising you may do.
  • Use color sparingly in your designs. Don’t overload your palette with your information. Be especially careful when using colored fonts. It’s probably readable to you because you already know what it’s talking about!
  • Be sure to consult an expert before sending your final draft for printing. Most reputable banner printing companies have well-trained and experienced staff in effective graphic design. You might get some good ideas about your layout or graphic placement. Keep an open mind and use the advice they give you.

Retractable banners are a functional option

A stretchable design is a good idea if your fabric banner is one that you will be using over and over again. The banner sits on wheels that you can pull down to display or retract when you don’t want to display or store it. Retractable banners are easy to move around or take with you to business meetings to showcase your brand.

Display your fabric banner

The fabric banner printing company should send the necessary hardware needed to display the banner. It is very important to display it correctly. You want it to stay as it is! Nothing is more impressive than a banner that is falling down, wrinkled or rolled up. Most fabric banners are hung with poles. A pole pocket is sewn to the top and bottom banners. The poles have eyelets at the ends so you can hang them with string or string. A smaller rod goes through the bottom to help the banner hang straight.

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