We often hear parents wondering how to get your child to sleep through the night. This is a common challenge for parents. As for newborns, they tend to wake up every few hours during the night to feed their little stomachs.

As children get older, they no longer rely on nighttime feedings. This is the stage where most parents think their kids will sleep soundly all night. But it doesn’t always happen.

Babies or toddlers won’t sleep through the night unless they learn the skill — yes, sleep is a skill. So instead of going through traditional remedies, here are some clinically preferred solutions that will answer how to get your child to sleep through the night.

Here’s how to get your child to sleep through the night

Your baby may have some problems during sleep. If anything goes wrong – or your child is just having trouble falling asleep – here are steps you can take.

1. Establish a proper bedtime routine. It’s too early to bring a newborn to a scheduled sleep routine. In fact, it helps them sleep through the night without any distractions from the early stages.

2. When your baby is about to fall asleep, wrap them in a comfortable and lightweight sleeping bag, soothe them, wrap them up, and give them a little hug. This gives them a sense of security and helps them sleep fearlessly. Restricting these activities during their sleep will only disturb them.

3. Train your baby to soothe himself. That means, when your baby cries in the middle of the night, give them your time – but limit it. That way, they’ll know it’s time to sleep.

4. Reduce nighttime eating. Every time your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, most moms report that they feed their baby to get them back to sleep.
However, if you get an “ok” from your doctor to stop nighttime feedings, slowly let your baby realize that if they cry at night, they won’t be able to feed themselves.

5. Make sure your room has a calm and soothing vibe. Noise and bright lights will never help a child fall asleep. Keep the light as low as possible.

6. Always adhere to a proper bedtime routine. No matter how much your baby cries and runs away from sleep at night, parents should never forget that nights are for sleep—and the same goes for baby and parents. Therefore, sticking to the routine is necessary.

7. Be patient. Maybe your baby won’t be moving into routine or sleeping peacefully at night anytime soon. Don’t give up on your parenting and start obsessing over activities with them, though. Be patient and continue to study their sleep patterns.

Doing all of these activities is the perfect solution for how to keep your child asleep through the night. However, if your child has any serious or unusual behavior, please contact your doctor.

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