How to make liquid soap was one of the pastimes I did when I was expecting my first child​​​. This is one of the top considerations I use to clean my newborn. And since I’ve been making my own soap for a while, my concern is not to use harsh chemicals on my precious kids. If I don’t use soap with chemicals myself, why should I use it for my baby? So I tried various recipes to come up with the best mix for my baby.

The first thing I researched was what the purest and mildest ingredients are best for newborns. Essential oils are one of my concerns because in my experience, their aroma can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Luckily an herbalist friend of mine told me that chamomile essential oil is best for newborns because of its very mild scent.

I also have to figure out what other ingredients I can mix with my liquid soap. I don’t want to use chemicals like potassium hydroxide as this would cause some kind of irritation to my newborn, so I had to check out what’s the alternative. I learned from a soap maker that you can actually avoid lye or potassium hydroxide when making liquid soap, which is a good thing. It may not last long, but at least you can rest assured of a chemical-free formula.

So I headed to my soap making section and mixed my first batch of liquid soap. I used olive oil soap that a friend gave me from Tunisia. She is married to this lovely exotic man from South Africa, apparently one of the country’s main products is olive oil. Therefore, because of its richness, they use the purest and most natural olive oil to make their soaps.

I used my cheese grater to grate the soap and set it aside. I boiled some water and poured it over grated soap. The ratio I use is 2:1; meaning for every 2 cups of liquid, I mix one cup of ground soap for each batch. I don’t want to do a lot because I know it has a shorter expected shelf life than commercially made liquid soap because I don’t use any preservatives.

I blend it in a blender to make sure my liquid soap is super smooth for my baby’s sensitive skin. I decided to put in a few drops of chamomile and lavender oil for the soothing effect. Then I mixed it up nicely again. After that, I let it cool for a few hours.

Another friend gave me this really cute hand sanitizer dispenser, and that’s what I use to keep baby liquid soap. It is so soft and smooth on my skin. I even used some face wash and it was so refreshing and relaxing. I can’t wait to use it on my baby.

How to make liquid soap is also so easy and fun. So, are you now convinced that making liquid soap for your baby is the most wonderful gift you can give your newborn? Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll love the same liquid soap for your personal use too.

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