Are you a parent who’s been looking for ways to get your baby to sleep, but has failed miserably? No matter how hard you try to get your baby’s sleep habits on track, you’re still not successful.

I’m pretty sure by now you’ve gathered enough knowledge about what to do and are an expert at it, but are you an expert at what not to do? If you’re doing everything in the book and it’s not producing any positive results, then you’re probably doing something wrong.

If you’re wondering how to put your baby to sleep, this article will guide you on what not to do. So without wasting any time, let’s start rolling out helpful tips.

Don’t skip nap time
Parents love the word “nap.” This is usually the only time of the day when they can catch their breath and catch up on being alone. Some parents think skipping nap time is a good idea. They think their baby will go to bed early and not get up in the middle of the night.
Incorrect! This is the wrong approach, it’s the exact opposite of what you want. Experts believe that nap time is critical to a baby’s development. You must incorporate two to three naps into your baby’s routine.

A well-rested baby will always sleep happier and sleep better through the night. When babies are tired, their stress hormones rise. These babies won’t be able to sleep through the night because these hormones keep waking them up.

adding grains to milk
If you’ve always wondered how to put your baby to sleep, have you tried putting your baby to sleep when he’s full? It is true that babies sleeping on their stomachs sleep all night. To accomplish this, some parents add cereal to their baby’s bottle in hopes of making it a heavier meal.

This approach does more harm than good. Babies under 6 months should only drink cow’s milk because mixing grains in their feed creates gas which can keep them up all night.

avoid sugar

If your baby has started solid food, make sure his/her tummy is full by bedtime. If he/she has eaten properly, he/she will surely sleep undisturbed. Some moms may offer their baby a sugary snack at dinner.

This is a big no-no. Sugary items should be avoided close to bedtime, as they will eliminate any chance of your baby going to bed early. Make sure you provide your baby with a healthy, light meal at dinner.

you have it. Have you made any of these mistakes and wondered why your baby refuses to sleep? These are some very basic mistakes parents make to figure out how to put their baby to sleep. Always keep these tips in mind. You will thank us later.

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