When I got into this hobby one of the things that attracted me to it was the chance to be able to constantly shop for cute baby items, this I fear has resulted in me having a clothing addiction.

One of which was shopping for baby clothes.

I do seem to have a weakness for cute baby clothing.

Whenever I go into a shop that sells baby items I am automatically drawn to the clothing section.

I really believe that in the end the babies will have more clothing than anyone else in my house.

On the plus side to that it does mean that when my own children start having babies I will have everything they need clothing wise.

The girl clothing tends to be cuter than the boys, which meàns I have many more girl clothing.

Although I like to say that it is because I have more girl reborns than boys.

A fact that is true, I do have 18 girl baby and only 5 boys.

So I guess in a lot of ways it stands to reason that I will in fact have more girl clothing.

Whenever I see a new clothing line or a cute outfit it is so hard not to get it.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many clothing I may or may not have already I still want to always get more.


One day I hope that I will be able to have my entire collection in one place.

That will be really great to see.

The question remains do I think I will ever stop buying clothes for the reborns?

The answer has to honestly be no.

I can not see a time that comes when I will stop.

I love getting new stuff into the collection of clothing and I aim to have a large collection in the end.

So fingers crossed I manage to get it the way that I really want it.

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