Interview with Roe De Pinto, author "I have so much junk in my trunk!"

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Lo De Pinto Fourteen awards for her The Adventures of Zeal and Huba series, and hopes to continue the accolades with a new version of this adorable vignette, “I’ve got too much junk in my suitcase!” through her adorable characters Zealy (a baby seal) and Whibba (a baby thorn Whale), Roe continues on her journey and dreams of restoring the ethics she was taught years ago – respecting yourself, each other and the whole world around you. Giving, sharing and caring is her life’s work, from the birth of a newborn Birth begins and continues throughout their growth stages. She believes that giving before yourself and always protecting others are simple life lessons that can restore peace and non-violence to a very tired world.

Hi Ro, welcome! Nice to meet you again. Why don’t you tell us something about yourself.

Before writing, I was a real estate agent, administrative assistant, manager, travel agency, notary, etc. for professional purposes, but I have been writing since I was 10 years old. I am the mother of two beautiful children and Nana of three precious grandchildren who light up my life with joy and love. After watching countless hours of my favorite TV cartoons, they inspired my writing in the years following my retirement.

I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to since our last talk!what happened to your series The Adventures of Zeal and Huba?

Well, I’ve been doing this series, The Adventures of Zeal and Huba It’s been 3 years, and with the release of my new book, Volume 4, Too Much Junk in My Trunk, I’ve won 14 awards so far, so I’m glad the audience is eagerly accepting my book !

I was recently selected by publisher Austin-Macauley and my first three will be revamped according to their in-house format, hoping their marketing will take my work to the next level.

So exciting, congrats! Also, what’s “I’ve got too much junk in my trunk!” about?

My fourth book is a story about our two little characters exploring a foodie adventure that turns into a big feast with some new friends who end up with stomach aches that only their moms can get by giving the best Suggestions to improve. The book ends with a wonderful lesson as they dance with joy and you see the singing when they feel better.

I love the lessons in your book! Great for adults too – I can understand the message in “I’ve got too much junk in my trunk!” very well. What prompted you to write about eating too much?

I keep telling my grandchildren to try new foods, but they tend to overeat what they like, so I decided to write it down – now they remember what Zealy and Whubba did, and whenever I read this They will recite this song when they sing to remind them to eat too much.

What do you like about writing children’s books, and what is the hardest part about writing children’s books?

I think the hardest part is getting inside your child and knowing how they will react to the words and lessons you are trying to convey. Children are easily impressed and need to be very careful with their wording and keep it simple and understandable.

What do you wish you knew when you started writing your first book?

How tedious marketing really is when one self-publishes. I prefer to spend my energy on writing!

How active are you in promoting your book? Tell us about what you’re doing to spread the word about Zealy and Wubba.

Social media, book signings from coast to coast, award submissions, review submissions, book fairs and trade shows are all I do – I’m a one-man band.

How do you feel about writing groups and review partners?

They are good for showing you things objectively, rather than you seeing them subjectively.

Do you attend literary conferences? If so, what was your biggest takeaway from these events?

Of course, exposure is key, along with networking and knowing what’s useful to other writers and industry experts.

In retrospect, have you ever imagined that your series would receive so much recognition and acclaim? What does this recognition mean to you as a writer, and as a mother and grandmother?

I am absolutely in awe of each award, it really validates everything I express in my writing so that parents and children of young children can relate to it.

What are Zealy and Whibba doing on a plane at 30,000 feet? I thought they were marine animals?

Oh my gosh, the ad aired on national television as an interview with Talk Business 360, Fox Business Network, and Talk on some American Airlines flights (27,000 total) in October and November Expanded on Business 360. I can’t express my heartbeat when I see it myself on a plane and on TV because my quest and dream come true to be able to see it on TV someday in an animated format that makes me happy to see My character screen!

what’s next The Adventures of Zeal and Huba series?

The fifth book has not yet started production, although I have written the next 8 books without editing them. I hope within a year, volume 5 will be published.

Learn everything you know about writing and marketing now, and the whole process – what message would you pass on to someone looking to break into the world of children’s books?

Be prepared to spend time and money, but the rewards will be greater when you see children connect, happy, and smile from reading your work.

On which social media can readers engage with you and learn more about you and your books?

My website: ..zealyandwhubba. has everything. I’m still @doctaroe on Twitter and on ..

Roe, as always, it was a pleasure and an honor to speak with you today. I’m inspired by your enthusiasm and ambition and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Thank you.

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