Kansas Doll Show 2022 will be covering everyones tastes.

Kansas doll show 2019

With a fantasy painting class from the amazing Sarah Mellman.

This class was announced on social media

“Sarah Mellman will be teaching a Fantasy Painting Class at the Kansas Doll Show.
More information coming soon!!!”

Kansas Doll Show 2019

I think this class will be a laugh.

The alternative classes are always so much fun and allow people the chance to explore their imagination.

Sarah has the most enjoyable way of seeing her creations.

Kansas doll show 2019

When it comes to fantasy dolls it is best to remember that for the most part there is no right or wrong.

A lot of it is down to indiviual interpretation.

But I think this will definately be one of the classes to watch out for and act fast as it will sell out fast.

Kansas doll show 2019

Personally I would love one of her little house elfs in my personal collection.

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