The Kansas Doll show will have so many babies for sale that it will become a challange to settle on which baby you will buy.

Kansas doll show

Many people that attend the Kansas doll show have plans of adopting at least one baby.

Which is why it is difficult to pick the right baby.

For example, if you go to the first table and see a baby that you love, you may not choose to buy it right away.

After all it is only your first table.

So you may walk around the show and after seeing all the tables decide that the first baby you saw was the one for you.

You go back to buy it and discover that it has been sold ??

So what do you do now?

Do you go back around again.

After all you really wanted that first baby.

For me, if I was ever lucky enough to attend the show I would have a top three babies.

So that if my first is sold then I go to the next.

So finding your right baby could be so easy and also so challenging.

Do you go with an idea of ​​a kit that you love for a baby?

Or do you just go with an open mind and just get the baby that you really love when there.

Is it more love at first sight for you?

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