Clothes can be difficult for babies, especially newborns. Of course, you want your baby to look the cutest when introduced to your family, friends and colleagues. But what if your baby is fussy and hasn’t gotten used to the full ensemble? Well, another way to dress up your baby is with hair accessories that are comfortable, warm and cute. There are a million baby products on the market today, so which ones are best for your baby?

First of all, why is it so important for babies to wear hats to keep them warm? Dressing appropriately is the key to staying safe and warm during a winter storm or other winter activity, especially for a newborn or toddler! Even when temperatures are low, wind speeds, especially in winter, can be very dangerous. So even though it might be 50 degrees outside, it’s actually much colder! This means that you should dress appropriately for the cold season to protect yourself and your baby. Did you know that most of the heat is lost through the human head? That’s why the American Red Cross strongly recommends wearing not only extra clothing, but also a hat that covers your ears. This brings us to different types of hats that are great for babies in cooler weather. Don’t let the baby’s ears catch cold, be sure to wear a hat!

What is a crochet headband?

The crochet headband is soft and fluffy for your newborn or toddler. These headbands are super easy to put on, just stretch the crochet headband and place it over your child’s head and pull it back until it sits above the forehead. The best part? These crochet headbands are super soft and won’t leave creases or lines on baby’s forehead. Crochet headbands are usually handmade hair accessories that come in a variety of colors, so whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl, they look cute and are no hassle for you.

What is a Kuffy Hat?

Kufi hats are short, round baby hats that fit easily over a baby’s head. They are soft, durable and fluffy. They’re also easy to pair with more hair accessories! Just clip on a bobby pin or flower clip and your baby will be the toast of town among your family and acquaintances. Women can also wear Kufi hats for a chic and feminine look.


The headband is great for babies and toddlers because it holds the hair in place and gives your baby that fresh and clean look that every parent has trouble with! The headband comes in a variety of materials and can be lycra, nylon, sequins or lace. The best part? The crocheted headband made of nylon also covers the ears in cold weather. The great thing about headbands is that they’re comfortable, inexpensive, and interchangeable, so you can match your baby’s eyes, shirt, or shoes.

Remember, not all hair accessories are created equal. Be sure to look for headbands and hair accessories that are durable, high-quality, and regulated by the CPSC. The CPSC is a federal agency responsible for keeping U.S. consumers safe from products that could cause injury, personal injury, or death.

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