The type of wood flooring used for lessons and performances is an important feature that all teachers and students should be aware of. Dancers of all types can benefit from resilient wood floors because they have a certain level of elasticity when dancers step onto them. There are two types of floors commonly used in dance studios and theaters today, including wooden dance floors and Marley dance floors. There are distinct differences, and each is better suited for certain types of dance.

Marley dances are made with a durable and non-slip vinyl top layer. It can vary in thickness from about a quarter of an inch to two-thirds of an inch. Marley floors can be rolled up for easy portability. The vinyl layer should be used on top of the bouncy dancer. Marley vinyl floors are ideal for ballet, jazz or contemporary style dancers.

The highest quality wooden dances should meet several criteria. The floor should consist of a top layer, preferably made of hardwood, below which is a floor that bounces, or provides a slight bounce when dancing. The tap dance floor must also resonate in order to get the best possible sound from the tap on the floor and on the dancer’s shoes. Any dance should be kept in good condition so there are no cracks, nails, tape or adhesive on the surface of the dance floor. To protect the floor surface, the dance floor can be treated with polyurethane, and ordinary street shoes should not be worn on the surface used for dancing, as the amount of dirt on the bottom of the street shoes can damage the surface of the floor.

Using the right floor for the type of dance activity you perform is very important to the physical health of your dancers. Repetitive stress injuries can occur when dancers repeatedly perform jumps and slams on the dance floor, if that floor is not as stressed as a resilient floor is designed for. Over time, the spine and joints can be affected, and these types of injuries may go unnoticed until they become major injuries. It is wiser to use the right dance floor for the type of dance you want to do, and Marley dance floors used with stretch wood dance floors can give you the perfect flexible combination.

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