Would you like to see your babies in a movie or TV show?

Well this could be possible.

Ok call me crazy, but I have heard a rumour that there may be a brand new doll show happening in winter 2022.

What’s so special about this you may ask?

Well for a start this one will be in Hollywood or LA.

No i’m not joking a new doll show in Hollywood.

You may wonder who would go to this..

How about movie producers for a start.

Or even prop companies, you could have these people as potential customers.

This would be such an amazing event.

The hype around this would be massive.

I know that for now it is just a rumour, but could you imagine if it was true?

Now I will not reveal my source for this information, but let’s just say that it is someone that would definitely be in the know about this.

It is someone that I trust 100%.

So time will tell if this will really happen but I really really hope it does.

I would want to go to this so badly, so if anyone wants me to cover it and wants me there please just let me know.

I will cover it for free if I can get admission free ?.

But on a serious note I would love to know what you all think.

Who would be interested in going?

I would really love some feedback to be able to pass it along.

So please share this article, spread the word get as many artists as possible to comment and say what they think.

Collectors what do you think? Who would be wanting to go?

Think about it, a doll show winter 2022 with potential customers from the movie industry.

At least that is what I have heard.

So once you leave the show what can you do?

Are you kidding me?

Your in Hollywood, how about maybe the walk of fame, or touring the homes of the stars.

The venue is rumoured to be close to universal studios Hollywood. I know for a fact that I want to go there.

30 min from Disneyland so that you can release the inner child in you.

Plis you can visit Knotts Berry Farm, to name a few things.

An added bonus about this possible venue is that it is close to LAX international airport so getting there couldn’t be easier.

So please let me know your thoughts. They really are important to us.

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