We have been waiting for so long it feels for our child doll to arrive and finally yesterday we were able to go and collect her.

Her box was so big that it surprised us.

After we had opened her we were upset to find that she had been damaged during the shipping. Her leg had been smashed at the knee, which meant that her leg below the knee fell off.

She is ball jointed so her knees moved round, but thanks to the smashing of the leg just below the knee it would not support the system anymore.

The child doll is a Masterpiece Galleries doll.

On the whole my reaction to her was unsure to start with. But I think she will be a very nice addition to our nursery. It is a shame about her leg, but I am certain that we can work with it.

We have lots of videos planned to do with her and are looking forward to making them.

We chose to call her Harper.

To see pictures of Harper and all our other reborns don’t forget to head over to . and check out our Ourlifewithreborns page



SuzyGrebornnursey . page.





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