Sometimes we want to change. We always want to get the latest. Regarding the blinds, we might want to replace the wooden blinds. Vinyl shutters can be an alternative to wooden designs. They have some disadvantages and advantages that make them a good alternative.


1. Maintenance. They are easier to clean than wooden ones. Just wipe with a damp rag to maintain its appearance. Wooden ones, on the other hand, need to be painted every now and then.

2. Durability. They are better able to survive in different weather, such as storm, rain or wind. Compared to wooden shutters, vinyl is less prone to damage when exposed to inclement weather. At the same time, those made of wood can start to crack, peel or fade once exposed to different weathers.

Also, vinyl can outlast moisture and humidity. Unlike wood, it will not warp or swell even when exposed to excessive moisture and humidity. Since they are not affected at all, vinyl can be used anywhere. They can be used in places near water such as beaches and swimming pools.

3. Cost. This is much cheaper than those made of wood. So even if we don’t have enough money, we can still buy one for our home.


1. Limited colors. These can be of different designs or styles. Also, they have different colors. However, they usually use common popular colors. This will limit the color options for the product.

The bad thing is that if our favorite color is uncommon and unknown, it will be difficult for us to choose one.

2. There is a tendency to invincible rooms. Since it cannot be painted or stained, sometimes it will not complement the color of our room.

These advantages and disadvantages of vinyl shutters make them different from other shutters. We can use this as our guide when we want to buy one.

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