Here is your chance to win a stunning prototype realborn reborn baby.

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prototype realborn

Created by Reborn Artist Elena Matterna

This baby is Prototype 3/4

Realborn Skya Asleep

This cute girl is very special! She is ultra realistic newborn baby!!

prototype realborn

This kit is replica, created directly from computer photometric scan of a precious real newborn baby.

So, I would like to say this baby is absolutely lifelike and in all positions is so real!!!

I’m very happy that I could bring this special baby to the life!

Welcome Baby Girl


prototype realborn

Date of Birth: September 27th, 2022 at 8.30 am

Weight: 4,6 lb (2,20 kg)

Length: 19 inches, (50 cm)

Skya has full vinyl limbs and compatible belly plate!

She is super cute baby girl!!!

I work on every my baby very long time. So I create them as much lifelike as possible.

So Skya has a realistic 3D baby skin tones using Genesis Heat Set Paints.

prototype realborn

I painted several thin layers to create the skin-tones, mottling, veins, capillaries, dewi skin and other skin details.

I gave a final layer of matte varnish in order to prevent shine and to protect paint and vinyl.

She has a realistic nails that have been sealed too.


All my babies are weighted with micro glass beads and soft fibre filling.

I NEVER use sand or other material for filling my creations.

prototype realborn


Prototype realborn

Skya’s hair has been micro rooting, Highest quality Ultra Premium Kid mohair!!!

Color of her hair is Dark Brown and her forehead is made from Blond mohair. It looks most realistic.

Her eyelashes are hand rooted with Brown mohair and her eyebrows are rooted with Blond an Brown mohair.

I used high-quality waterproof glue. So, her hair can be carefully washed and styled easily.

Reborn sculpt

Coming Home.

All items included with this baby are new and specially for cute Skya.

Skya will come home with:

1) hand knitted pink outfit

2) swaddling blanket

3) hand knitted overal and hat

4) beautiful hat with ears

5) hand knitted favorite toy (sheep)

6) magnet dummy

7) two baby outfits

8) belly plate

Certificate of Authenticity

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