We had a great day outside this morning.

The sun actually shows a nice change in where we are.

I decided to take Zoe, Joshua and Summer all downstairs for a while today.

They like to have time to spend around all the animals, like in the nursery where they usually only have three.

Zoe was awake the longest, so I put her in the bodyguard to calm her down while I dealt with the other two.

I turned on the music and vibration so she could be happy.


Then I started letting Summer change from her one-piece pyjamas to her everyday clothes.

I picked a lovely outfit for her. A pair of black leggings and a pink frilly Parisian top.

She looks so cute and I love her pink and bright colors.


All I have left is her hair.

But that can wait until I take care of Joshua now.

My daughter woke up when Zoe started crying, so we divided the work.

She took Joshua and started feeding him.

It’s something Josh likes because he always pulls her hair.

Then I took Zoe to deal with her.

All she wanted was a change and a feed, and once that was done, she settled in quickly.

We’re going to start watching a movie soon, and we’re not sure which one yet, because we all need to agree on one. But we like to watch movies together.

In the movie, I suspect Aurora and Harper will both wake up.

Early morning is never easy, but sometimes it’s the best time of the day.

The house is the quietest.

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