Today I decided to make some videos instead of doing a real “October 24th Rebirth Blog”.

This is because today is overwhelmed.

So here is a list of all the videos I’ve made.

At times, I find it difficult to get my mind into a place where I can enjoy my kids what they deserve.

On these days, I better try to relax.





However, I’ve been trying to redo my nursery, which means organizing a lot of bags and boxes.

I’m trying to take things slowly and share as much as possible.

So today I changed it, instead of writing a “October 24th Reborn Blog” post.

It becomes a shorter example of what I’ve been doing, and I hope you’re ok.

Organize a box of surprises.

To see more photos of my rebirth and check out random comments throughout the day, check out my . group.

Rebirth Forum

Rebirth Blog October 24th

To stay up to date with my videos, use this link to check out my YouTube.

Reborn Mummy YouTube Channel

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