Petra Lechner’s Alfons sculpture is lovely.

This little face is so sweet.

The average price to buy this kit is $79.99, which is not bad.

When complete, the kit makes for a small newborn-sized baby approximately 18 inches.

It has 3/4 limbs, making it great for baby to pose, and its cloth body makes cuddling it very pleasant.

Personally, I think this little guy is a perfect little boy baby.

For me, some kits tend to lean towards one gender or the other.

For me, this one is definitely better for boys than girls.

Details of the Alfons Basic Kit by Petra Lechner

Current average price: $79.99
Size: 18″
Weapons: 3/4
Legs: 3/4
Eyes: Not applicable
Body: cloth body
Vinyl: Genuine Leather Vinyl

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