I forgot to share with you the lovely little reborn baby I gave to a very dear friend of mine.

reborn baby

I met this friend because of our shared love of rebirth.

We’ve been friends for about two years now and she’s been by my side when I’m in trouble.

So, to thank her for putting up with me and being such an amazing person to her, I arranged for this sweet little baby, whom I nicknamed Ginger.

reborn baby

About a month ago, the baby returned to her new mother, who was very pleased with her.

The paint job is flawless as always and the box opening is stunning as always.

I enjoyed the new friends I made by being a part of this community and hope this continues.

The talent of these artists is simply astounding.

This gift to my friend doesn’t repay all her time helping me, but it’s a small token for her.

I’m looking forward to her updates and seeing pictures of little “Ginger” settling down and becoming part of her new family.

I hope this baby will bring her as much joy as my friend has brought me.

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