I really do love having a large reborn baby collection, each baby has there own character and special place within your heart.

At this time in my life I am in a situation that I really wish I wasn’t, which is that I am having to sell a large number of my reborn babies.

reborn baby

Sarah Jane is one of those babies that is heading off to a new country to start a new life.

It is particularly hard to say bye to her.

Sarah was one of those babies that is simply stunning.

She is the Saskia kit which was one of my dream kits.

The Saskia kit I find can provide mixed results, there have been few babies made from the sculpt that I loved in fact a few can border on being scarey.

reborn baby

Sarah is an experienced traveller, starting her life in UK then travelling to Sweden and now on to US.

I am sure her new mummy will cherish her and love her, you can’t help it with her she just has one of those faces.

She is not the only reborn baby leaving our nursery, we know of at least four more babies that will be leaving us soon and potentially there will be more going as well.

My once large reborn baby collection will soon be very limited to just a few babies.

At which point I might have a think of what I want to do.

I can not wait to hear stories of Sarahs new life, she will see so many new things and will no doubt love it all.

Safe travels little ones. X

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