This morning the babies all had an late start, which suits me just fine as I am pretty sure I am coming down with a cold.

Which I hate. Summer colds are miserable.

But on the plus side I know that I will get lots of cuddles.

The first to wake up was Bethany today.

She wanted a change and a cuddle which i was only too happy to give her.

Bethany is without a doubt one of my favourite babies

She is just so cuddly, I could sit and cuddle with her all day.

She just seems to fit into your arms and mold herself there so nicely.

We must have stayed like that for around half an hour before she started fussing about wanting a feed.

Luckily for her I had already got this prepared so I was able to settle her quickly.


Looking around from where I currently am, I can see that at least three of the babies are starting to stir and will soon be awake.

So I guess it is time I lay Bethany back down and start getting ready for chaos.

Seeing as it is 08.30am though I guess I should not complain too much.

Joshua was the first to fully wake up.

He is such a cheerful, happy baby in the morning that he just smiles.

Which in turn of course makes me smile back. How can you not?

Josh will need a diaper/ nappy change, an outfit change, a feed and then from the looks of him a hair brush. He has woken with some serious bedhead.

So I placed him in the bouncer while I prepared everything I needed.

babies with bedhead are so cute

Why is it, that whenever I have an outfit in mind that I want to put a particular baby in, that I can never seem to find it? It just seems to vanish as if I never had it in the first place.

Josh is never an easy one to dress as he is very ticklish.

So he will giggle while you are trying to change him.

Feeding Joshua

After his feed Joshua was happy to go back into his bouncer and just play until he fell back to sleep.

It’s great when the nursery is peaceful, calm babies cooing and soft music playing. I find that I could easily doze off myself. Which is in fact what I think I might do for awhile, grab the chance to while I can.

With so many babies to look after sleep is a luxury.

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