Today was really a Bethany day.

We spent lots of time taking photos with her.

She is such a good girl and is very briliant in front of a camera.

Also as she is so pretty, I think that her photos look really good.

I could have spent all day taking photos of her, but if I did there would be no cuddle time.

Bethany day

I do love to have cuddle time with her, as she is one of the best babies that i have for that.

We must have spent over an hour taking lots of different photos, but she started to get tired just around midday.

So I stopped taking the photos and took her up to the nursery so that she could have a nap.

Something that she needed.

When she woke back up she was in a really good mood.

It was clear that the rest and sleep that she had had did in fact really help her.

To read any more about the nursery please use the link below.


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