The 2022 Rose Show is getting better and better.

2019 Rose Show

I am delighted to confirm that Reborn daddies nursery will be the supplier.

Jey and Ty could no longer control the news and shared it on social media.

“Jey & Ty’s Reborn Daddies Nursery will be a first year supplier in 2022! Be sure to stop by our booth – our booth number is still uncertain, but we’ll have an official post when it’s confirmed! We So excited to design for our booth and create beautiful babies to share with you all! Who would be interested in a pacifier clip? We have a huge collection of beads from craft stores that we can also sell! Me Think we’ll send every adopted baby home too, because that’s what we do with customs!?”

In fact, I’ll stop by their booth to see them.

Also buy some items from them.

More money is needed now. ?

Might be an expensive gig for me.

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