Reborns are an amazing hobby to have, but when does it cross from a hobby to an obsession?

So to get an idea of ​​what you all think I started a forum post about this topic.

So if you get chance why not pop across to the forum and have your say.

Join the forum here.


This hobby has a stigma of a load of nutty people who are weird and obsessed.

Well I for well do not agree with that.

I would not call us weird at all.

I know most people do not understand this hobby and do you know what? that’s fine.

I don’t expect most people to get it.

But what I will not stand for is the people either in the community or outside of it that want to belittle anyone in this community.

That is not ok.

So would do you all think? when does the hobby cross over into obsession?

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