Repeat Rose Doll Show attendee Susan Luck attended the 2022 Rose Doll Show later this year to continue her tradition.

2018 Rose Doll Show

This year will be Susan’s fourth year at the event and she loves every minute of it.

Susan is no stranger to rebirths and has been an avid collector for the past 7 1/2 years.

She became fascinated by an anatomically correct doll named Joey.

rose doll show

“There was a Joey doll that was pulled off a store shelf because it was anatomically correct. I’m looking to see if you can still find them, and how much they cost and respawn.”

Susan has two favorite sculptors, Bonnie Brown and Maisa Said, which may explain her growing collection.

“I have about 80 reborn babies and 4 silicone and one silicone hug baby.”

This year will be a special year for her.

“I take my now 9 year old niece every year. This will be our 4th year. We love seeing all the artist’s work and the dear friends we have made.”

“This year we had the pleasure of meeting friends from overseas but finally being able to meet Cheryl Martin in person who has become a very close friend.”

“Also, I think there will be a lot of first-time suppliers this year, and it’s great to see their work in person. It looks like there’s going to be a lot of silicones too, and I’m just getting their hands on them.”

However, Susan is one of the lucky ones, and the show is relatively close to her.

“It only takes us about five hours to drive to the show. We make it a little vacation.”

It’s impossible for Susan not to enjoy this year’s event and getting better every year, and I’m sure she will leave with countless memories that will last a lifetime.

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