My previous article about the dates for Rose Doll Show 2022 seemed to rattle some feathers, so I thought it only fair that I explain further.

Let me start by saying that in no way am I trying to start any trouble or cause any issues.

I love the Rose doll show and I am hoping to go next year.

As anyone who actually reads my articles will see I have only ever prasied the show and the amazing success they have had.

So do not think any of this was meant as a dig or trying to insinuate anything where Rose is concerned.


The first article was written following seeing the announcement of rose doll show 2022 dates.

Now on first appearance what I saw did not look like it was a tentative date, the way it was put did look like they were set.

I know that it is being said that the dates have only ever been tentative but can I lay that to bed now by sharing with you all what started my first article.

Rose doll show 2020

So this seems to be dates that are decided and at this point I did not think they would be changed.

The following day however it had changed to what it is now which is

Rose doll show 2020

Now this is much better as it gives a reason for the change and it does say that it is subject to change.

So you can see I hope why when I wrote the article after seeing what I did on the site from the first picture.

I did not insult either show as I would not do that. I simply wrote what I saw and the difficulties that it could lead to.

During my article I did say that I hoped it could be sorted some how so that the people that want to do both can.

I am happy that the dates on the site have been changed to say tentative and that it also has an explanation for it.

But I do not feel that I deserved all the comments I got telling me I was trying to start trouble, that I was a liar saying that the dates had ever been anything but tentative( i hope you can see now that that isnt completely true)
And things like I dont belong in this community.

I was simply telling others about the date change that had not heard and the possible implications of that.

So that was all, not trying to start anything or cause trouble.

And that was it. Just wanted to share with those that said it wasnt true and that I was making it up that I wasnt.

I love the shows and would wish zero harm to either.

In fact I have ideas that may benefit them.

But thats a seperate thing.

For now that was all I wanted to share about that and I sincerely hope that it ends the discussion.

It was not meant to be anything and anyone that read my first article and thought I was having a go at Rose then I apologise, nothing is futher from the truth.

I do not want to be going on and on about the show in 2022 as I am much more eager to find out and write about what happened at this years show and news about next years.

So now I hope this will end it and I can again start to focus on looking forward to next years Rose and not fearing that I will not be welcome there.

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