I currently have four reborn babies for sale.

I will list all four here and if you are interested in any please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am unfortunately having to sell a few of my babies.

Here is the first one.

She is a baby made from the sleeping Andi kit.

She has beautifully painted hair.

Has has a soft doe body and is very cuddly.

She also has 3/4 limbs.

Her paint work is actually really good but I am unsure who the artist is as I brought her from her previous mummy.

She has been well looked after and is like new.

She will go home to her new mummy complete with a blanket, dummy/paci, two nappies/diapers, a sleeper and an outfit. If required I can also include a bottle.

I am asking £300 for her with shipping at £10.

In USD that would be $350 plus shipping of $15.

But the price is possiibly negotiable.

She is currently in Sweden with me so the shipping cost would un fact be more than that but i am trying to ask for just a minimum token fee for shipping.

reborn for sale

Please feel free to ask questions and contact me.

I am selling my full body vinyl baby girl.

We called her Kia.

She is the Victoria sculpt and was reborn by Lily Pie Nursery.

She is a very pretty baby and has been used mainly for display.

She will come home with two outfits, blanket, paci/dummy, two nappies/ diapers and i can include a bottle if needed.

She is selling for £375 or $425. Again the price is possibly negotiable.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I also have for sale an Ashia baby.

She is a bald baby.

We haven’t had her for very long and she spends most of her time on display.

She will come home to her new mummy with two outfits, a dummy/paci, two diapers/ nappies, a blanket and a bottle if you require one.

I am hoping to get around £200 for her which is about $260.

The price is negotiable.

I would really like to see her go to a new mummy soon as she needs to have many cuddles and it is just a shame that I haven’t felt a real bond with her.

Lastly for now I am selling my Tiffany sculpt.

She will come home with two outfits, dummy/paci, blanket, two nappies /diapers and if needed a bottle.

I am hoping to get £240 for her or $310.

The price could be negotiable.

Any queries please leave a comment below.

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