When I arrived in the UK I had two boxes waiting to be opened.

One of them I knew was going to be my baby from Still Moments Nursery.

I had been waiting for this baby for five years and had hopes that it would be worth the wait.

I ordered many extras including beating heart, milk spots, birth mark and collectors clothig pack.

So I was as you can imagine very excited to finally receive the baby.

When I first opened the box the paper looked nice with a nice sticker on it.

When I opened the paper I found some clothes and nappies.

I also found a few other items included in the box.

So here are some of the pictures of some of the items included.

still moments nursery


So when I had opened all the bits that came with her I started to unwrap her.

As always I began at her feet.

She had a cute pair of socks on.

I started unwrapping and videoing what I was doing for my Youtube channel.

As I opened her up more and more I have to be honest and say that my hopes were diminishing.

I found that the clothing she came with were not of a good quality.

That the items that she had could have been brought cheaply and that all in all I was disappointed in the items that she came with.

I will not use this article to explain what I think about the baby.

That I will save for another time.

What I will do is let you be the judge.

Check out the videos of her being opened.

The fact that she had no nappy to protect her head.

So here is part two of the box opening.

I would love to hear what you think in the comments.


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